Monday, March 14, 2011

7 gleanings from 7 churches

we wrap up show and tell
after habakkuk, job, jonah - revelations of heaven and hell
what looms for mankind on planet earth?
is time drawing nigh for new jerusalem birth?

Jesus "who is, who was and who is to come" reveals
john's pen profusely spills the seals
if you have ears to hear
and eyes to see, heart to revere, 
evil to steer, for time is near

o ephesus in us
looking in reverse
fallen, forsaking Him
our fervor is dim
let us repent, endure to revive
by feeding from the tree of Life
in God's paradise

o smyrna in us
sufferings to nurse
let's remain faithful till we die
a crown awaits and mortality defy

o pergamum in us
do not be lured into immorality curse 
endure to receive admission stone with new nama
to access His hidden manna   

o thyatira in us
prey to jezebel idols, we sucuumb and immorality immerse 
if we conquer lust
authority over nations to cast and blast

o sardis in us
lulled in sloth slumber cocoon purse
if we overcome and stay vigilant
our names remain in the book of life forever gallant

o philadelphia freedom, shine a light on me
we have little strength, help us keep the faith, victorious be
make us pillars to God's temple
where none will trample

o laodicea in us
like frog in warm water immerse
complacent and luke warm
unwax our ears to hear Your knocks
for supping with each other, rocks
let's keep our eyes fixed on Thee
so we sit with You on Your throne with eternal glee

gleaning from adrian roger's devotional -
"Jesus Christ is the invisible part of the christian.
the christian is the visible part of Christ.
He is seen in us and through us. 
we are the visible part of the invisible Christ."

psalm 18:20
the Lord rewarded me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands hath He recompensed me.

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