Thursday, December 9, 2010

merapi mumbles

how did i get here

it's becoming clear
through the sweltering heat i must steer
molten memories sear 

who would have thought

once surrender sought
back to tropics He brought
parked me in His lot
a hot lingo spot
i am not sure what i got

it's amazing
to observe human race racing
no matter where
to fill cupboards bare
when full, only emptiness stare
self-imposed life burdens to bear

ignorance is bliss
for you'd have less to compare and miss
so many paths i could have taken
despite my weak faith, i was never forsaken
like job's journey
i've been faith-blessed

faith-tested in many dark alleys
faith-coped with His pulleys
          faith-transformed in work-in-progress galleys

i, i who have nothing
i, i who have only You
adore You, and want You so
i'm just a no one with nothing to give to You, but oh how You love me...

 job 42:2, 5-6 
 “ i know that you can do all things;
   no purpose of yours can be thwarted
   my ears had heard of you
   but now my eyes have seen you.
   therefore i despise myself
   and repent in dust and as

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